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6532 Kosciuszko Road Jindabyne, NSW

Lunch 12  - 3pm

Dinner 5 - 9.30pm

Call 6457 2525 for reservations
or take away orders

Vegetables and Tofu                     22.9

Chicken, Beef or Pork                  22.9

Prawns, Duck                               27.9

Oyster Sauce                                         Stir fried seasonal vegetables with oyster sauce


Cashew Nut                                           Stir fried seasonal vegetables, chilli jam, oyster sauce and a hint of chilli,                                                                 topped with cashew nuts and fried onions


Ginger                                                    Stir fried seasonal vegetables, oyster sauce and fresh young ginger

Chilli Basil                                              Stir fried seasonal vegetables, homemade chilli paste and fresh basil medium hot

Peanut Sauce                                         Stir fried seasonal vegetables topped with homemade peanut sauce

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